Tuition Policy Changes

Dear Families, Please adhere to our new policy changes effective Friday, May 1, 2020:

  • Our tuition rates have increased. Please see below.
  • All student files and staff files must be current or may be suspended/terminated.
  • Tuition is due on Friday prior to the upcoming week. Late fees will be assessed on Monday morning with no sign in.
  • Students who have an open balance within 3 days will be dropped and must reapply. Any discounts, scholarships or contracts must be reapplied and all balances paid in full. The school has the right to deny service for neglect of tuition and contractual policies.
  • In light of COVID-19, Parents must remain in their car and students will be checked prior to admittance.
  • Anyone requesting entry must be scanned and checked for flu like symptoms
  • If you are called and do not pick up your child immediately you will be considered neglectful and the proper authorities contacted.
  • If a child is taking medicine or is seen by a doctor, leaves school sick or sent home for sickness or sickness is noted a doctor’s release is required prior to return.
  • Tuition remains due weekly regardless of attendance as it is split over the year, and is charged regardless of attendance.
  • Tuition must be paid online before or on Friday prior to service, care or education.

Tuition Costs

Category Yearly Tuition Weekly Tuition
Little Heritage Nursery $9,320.00 $221.00
Little Heritage Dept. of Early Childhood $8,450.00 $234.00
Memphis Heritage Div. of Elem Ed $8,150.00 $226.00
Memphis Heritage Middle School $9,210.00 $255.00
Memphis Heritage High School $10,2600.00 $285.00
Before and Aftercare (Non Student) $30.00 per day +$75 per week transportation
Meal Plan (Private Pay Families) $10.75 per day Vegetarian/Vegan $8.00 per day

Student Supplies

Please download and view the attached list for required supplies, and visit the link to purchase uniforms through our official site.

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