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2022-2023 Calendar

Date Time Event(s) Event(s)/Info
8/22/22-9/2/22 Monday-Friday for 2 weeks Professional MHCS Development (Day)
Student Registration and Orientation (Eve)
Thursday Night: Meet and Greet/Policies/Student Expectations and Contracts 8/26/2022
9/2/22 Friday - Day of Prayer All Staff and Administration/PTCFA
9/6/22 Tuesday First Day of School School Day Schedule returns to 8:00-3:30
9/22/22 Thursday @ 6pm Family Open House Title I Meeting
10/24/22-10/28/22 Friday-Monday Fall Break No Daycare offered
11/11/22 Friday Veterans Day Closed, No Daycare offered
11/22/22 Tuesday @ 12 noon, closed after family lunch Thanksgiving Dinner Limit (5) per family
11/23/22-11/25/22 Wednesday-Friday Thanksgiving Break No Daycare Offered
12/13/22 Tuesday @ 12 noon Christmas Program Will be posted virtual
12/16/22 Friday @ 12 noon Last day of first term Register for Daycare
12/15/22-1/9/23 Monday-Friday for 3 weeks
Christmas Break Daycare may be offered depending on need
1/9/23 Monday First day of second semester Midyear test this week
1/16/23 Monday Dr. Martin Luther King Day Closed, No Daycare offered
2/20/23 Monday President’s Day Closed, No Daycare offered
4/7/23 & 4/10/23-4/14/23 Friday & Monday-Friday Good Friday,Easter, Spring Break Daycare offered, sign up begins February 1st
4/16/23 Monday-Friday Summer Registration Open First 40 Students
5/26/23 Friday Standardized Testing Login and System Test Proctors assigned; Online Stanford Testing
5/29/23 & 5/30/23 Monday & Tuesday Standardized Testing MAKEUP DAYS Must be in attendance or schedule virtual/pay cost ProctorU by 4/30
6/5/23-6/9/23 Monday-Friday Standardized Testing Prep Rally
6/19/23-6/23/23 Monday-Friday End of Year Events See Schedule
6/28/23 Wednesday Last Day of School Report cards will be mailed

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Happy students with teacher

Welcome Mrs Cobson

Join us in welcoming our new teacher, Mrs. Renee Cobson. This is how it feels to cut the cord to education and be healthy while doing so.

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